Las Monjitas took a 11-9 win over El Milagro, and captured the  XVI Julio Novillo Astrada Cup, presented by Río Uruguay Seguros, following the championship match that took place at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door, Argentina, on Tuesday November 19.

Therefore, Camilo Bautista’s foursome won the trophy for the fourth time, as they did in  2013, 2014 and 2017. Two of the members of the winning team – Facundo Sola and Guillermo Caset Jr – are currently playing the Triple Crown in Argentina with the orange jerseys. The lineup was completed with Matt Coppola.

Following two consecutive ties, Las Monjitas commanded the two next chukkas. Although El Milagro leveled at 8-all at the start of the fifth chukka, Las Monjitas wasted no time at all to re-take the lead through Facundo Sola, until El Milagro’s Santiago Solari produced a spectacular goal in the last seconds within the fifth chukka to tie at 9-all. But in the last chukka of play, Facundo Sola and Guillermo Caset Jr., managed to score one goal apiece to seal the win for Las Monjitas, that allowed them to claim La Aguada Polo Club’s premier competition for the fourth time (Score Las Monjitas: 2-2, 4-4, 7-5, 8-7, 9-9, 11-9).

The awards presentation was as follows:

• MVP: Shared by Guillermo Caset Jr and Federico Tomasevich
• Skeeter JohnstonFair Play Award: Francisco Irastorza
• Best mounted player: Santiago Solari
• BPP presented by the Argentine Polo Pony Breeders Assn.: Dolfi Educada (Guillermo Caset Jr)
• River Slaney BPP Award: Sunny (owned by Las Monjitas, ridden by Guillermo Caset Jr)

Meanwhile, the fourth place went to Power Infraestructure who beat Los Cocos by a close 10-9, and La Mancha Dutta Corp earned the third place after defeating Lovelocks Polo Stud by a 12-5 score.

The XVI Julio Novillo Astrada Cup, presented by Río Uruguay Seguros, had a fantastic closing party, that included an exquisite asado and other delicacies, in a lovely friendly entourage, with everybody enjoying the hospitality and warmth of the Novillo Astrada family.

Special thanks to all the participating players and teams; to our sponsors, for the constant support; to the media, for the distribution of the news; and to all who came thoroghout the tournament. To each and everyone of you, thank you! We are very much looking forward to seeing you all next year!



League A
Los Cocos: Rafael Zubillaga 0, Alfredo Bigatti 8, Miguel Novillo Astrada 8, Tomás Lalor 6. Total: 22

El Milagro: Federico Tomasevich 1, Santiago Solari 6, Francisco Irastorza 6, Ignacio Novillo Astrada 9. Total: 22

Power Infraestructure: Miguel Mendoza 1, Lerin Zubiaurre 8, Alejandro Muzzio 8, Jorge Fernández Ocampo 5. Total: 22

League B
Las Monjitas: Camilo Bautista 0, Matt Coppoloa 3, Facundo Sola 9, Guillermo Caset (h) 10, Matías Fernández Llanos 6. Total: 22

La Mancha Dutta Corp: Timmy Dutta 3, Lucas Díaz Alberdi 7, Mariano Obregón 6, Facundo Obregón 6. Total: 22

Lovelocks Polo Stud: Tommy Severn 3, Charlie Hanbury 6, Matt Perry 6, James Beim 7. Total: 22



Thursday November 7
Lovelocks Polo Stud 12 vs. Power Infraestructure 7

Friday November 8
Las Monjitas 10 vs. Los Cocos 7

Saturday November 9
El Milagro 12 vs. La Mancha Dutta Corp 10

Monday November 11
La Mancha Dutta Corp 10 vs. Los Cocos 6

Tuesday November 12
Las Monjitas 9 vs. Power Infraestructure 6
El Milagro 12 vs. Lovelocks Polo Stud 10

Thursday November 14
Lovelocks Polo Stud 9 vs Los Cocos 6
La Mancha / Dutta Corp 11 vs Power Infraestructure 9

Friday November 15
Las Monjitas 10 vs. El Millagro 9 (OT)

Tuesday November 19 – FINALS
Subsidiary I
Power Infraestructure 10 vs. Los Cocos 9

Subsidiary II
La Mancha Dutta Corp 12 vs. Lovelocks Polo Stud 5

Final XVI Julio Novillo Astrada Cup, presented by Río Uruguay Seguros
Las Monjitas 11 vs. El Milagro 9


© Thomas Wirth