The Hamburg-based island broker Vladi Private Islands offers a true jewel for sale in the Bahamas: the centrally located private island Little Whale Cay in the Berry Islands.

This self-sufficient island, surrounded by crystal clear waters, covers 16 hectares and is one of the few islands in the Bahamas with a private airstrip. In addition, Little Whale Cay features a harbor, white sand beaches, three luxury villas, a chapel, an infinity pool with stunning ocean views, a tennis court, and a fitness center, among other amenities. Nature lovers delight in 34 different species of birds in the subtropical gardens, including flamingos and peacocks.

Little Whale Cay is an El Dorado for water sports enthusiasts and offers ideal conditions for kite surfers, for example. Among sailors, the area is considered a dream spot.

The island is easy to reach by plane from Florida or the capital Nassau, and the island of Chub Cay (customs clearance) is only a five-minute flight away.

The asking price for the island, which is being offered for sale after 40 years of family ownership, is USD 35 million.


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