The Berlin 2020 polo season was officially opened from June 26-28, 2020. Six polo teams with more than 100 polo horses came to the opening of the season in Polopark Berlin and presented exciting chukka to the guests. The event was moderated by the top moderator Jan Erik Franck, who came from England. The referees of the event were Bernhard Niederhammer and Marco Zubrod. The right sound was provided by Polo DJ Sebastian. Apart from a heavy rain shower on Sunday, the polo teams found the very best polo weather with up to 34 degrees. After a thrilling final game, the following positions were determined on Sunday evening at 8.30pm:


1st place
Baltic Polo Events GmbH
Aziza Ghane (0)
Philippa Luserke  (0)
Taio Toledo (2)
Svenja Hölty (0)

2nd place
Ingo Pyko Immobilien
Thomas Liebke (-1)
Nicolai Barnwell (-1)
Jesus Bordoni (2)
Daniel Tümpel TC (1)

3th place 
KoCon GmbH
Jolie Lange / Emily Hase Loock (-2)
Dr. Heidi Silvey TC (0)
Tuky Caivano (3)
Dr. Dele Iversen (0)

4th place
TV Berlin / Fancy
Josef Fiebich (-1)
Steffen Lange TC / Romy Schneider (- 1)
Berty Zalazar (2)
Milo Funk Gallardo (-1)

5th place
Romy Grüner (0)
Jeanette Diekmann (0)
Thomas Strunck TC (0)
Johan Funk Gallardo (0)

6th place
Hardy Reuter (-1)
Chaja Roeder Thurk TC (-1)
Hector Alvarez (2)
Rainer Raimann (-1)


Gallery: © Nils Rüstmann

Gallery: © Sebastian Preiss

© Thomas Wirth