12 March 2021, Dubai, UAE: The fourth tournament of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series has kicked off with two back to back games and has eight participating teams.

The first match between IFZA-Mahra Polo and Bin Drai Polo teams opened with a goal from Bautista Alberdi that was matched by Segundo Amadori that ended the chukker with 1 goal for each team. IFZA-Mahra Polo grabbed the lead with two penalty shots from Jacinto Amadori int he first half of the second chukker, however, the Bin Drai team was able to keep the scores at a tie with the last goal from Rashid Bin Drai.

Past halftime, Bin Drai created a 1 goal advantage and the game ended with a goal from Gelossi that gave Bin Drai Polo team a head start in the tournament.

Match Progression:  1 – 1 | 3 – 3 | 5 – 4 | 6 – 4

Baylandi Polo team faced Dubai Wolves Polo in the second half of the afternoon with an equal start as both teams delivered a goal each by the end of the first chukker. The Dubai Wolves had a half goal advantage in the game which gave them the lead until halftime. Guillermo Cuitinho had shown his class as he had shifted the lead to Baylandi Polo team with 2 goals which Ed Banner Eve followed through

with 2 more goals at the final chukker that sealed the win for Baylandi Polo team at 6 goals to 4.5.

Match Progression: 1 – 1.5 | 2 – 2.5 | 4 – 3.5 | 6 – 4.5

The Dubai Challenge Cup 2021 will continue on the 14th of March. Two games will be played on Field 3 of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club:

15:15 Tratok/Hesketh Polo vs. UAE Polo
16:30 Battistoni Polo vs. AM Polo

Images: © Khalil Ali / ShineTV