15 January 2021, Dubai, UAE: The AHPRC League 2021 concluded with exciting matches on the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club. 

The Subsidiary Final opened with a quick goal from Petra Spanko from Farrington Polo team but, El Basha/YS Polo had the lead at the end of the first chukker with its one and a half goal advantage. At the end of the second chukker, Farrington Polo was ahead as the team scored three consecutive goals. The penultimate chukker saw El Basha/YS Polo close in on its opponent but the goals from Petra and Evan Power at the final chukker sealed the win for Farrington Polo at 7 goals to 5.5.

Match Progression: 2 – 2.5 | 5 – 2.5 | 5 – 4.5 | 7 – 5.5

The Final match saw 9 Stitches / Hesketh Polo and Bhansali / Dubai SS Polo teams head to head until the end of the final chukker. Rishi Bhansali scored the first goal of the game. Tomy Iriarte delivered a flurry of goals at the first chukker securing the lead for 9 Stitches / Hesketh Polo. Bhansali / Dubai SS closed in on its opponent by the third chukker with goals from Maxi Malacalza.

Both teams rushed for the win and it was Malacalza’s last goal that resulted in a fifth chukker. Halfway through overtime, Tomy Iriarte scored the golden goal taking home the win for 9 Stitches / Hesketh Polo at 6 goals to 5.

Match Progression: 3 – 1 | 4 – 2 | 5 – 4 | 5 – 5 | 6 – 5

Mohammed Al Habtoor, Vice Chairman and CEO of Al Habtoor Group awarded the teams of the day. Tomy Iriarte was the Most Valuable Player and Gloria ridden by Sebastian Dawnay, as the Best Playing Pony.

* All tournaments are subject to the regulations and guidelines issued by the authorities.

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