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The All England Polo Club was founded in 2006, and Hickstead quickly became established as one of the premier venues in the country. Nicholas Colquhoun-Denvers, the former Chairman of the HPA, delighted at the arena facility declaring that ‘Hickstead has created one of the most modern and impressive arenas in the country. Not only has it hosted very successful international matches but it has worked hard to encourage the young to play.’ The club also includes a polo school as well as a full stable of pony rentals.

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To purchase tickets for the Arena Polo International Test Match: hickstead.ticketsrv.co.uk


The AEPC is renowned for introducing both accomplished riders and absolute beginners to polo, making the sport accessible and affordable to all.

Discover Polo Lessons
The club’s ‘Discover Polo’ lessons are designed to get newcomers started in the sport gently, under the expert tuition of the club’s instructor. The instructor begins by making the newcomer familiar with the basic rules and principles of the game and the three player positions, before practicing polo swinging and hitting techniques with a hand mallet on foot in the arena. Geared to the newcomer’s level of riding experience and aboard one of the club’s very quiet, safe ponies, the newcomer will be taught the art of riding for polo; perfecting his position, learning how to steer, stop and turn his steed, and mastering how to hold all those reins in one hand! Next the club puts all that stick and ball practice on the ground to the test and exercise the newcomer’s new found polo swing and hitting skills at the walk, trot or canter from the back of the pony!

£75 per person incl. tuition and pony rental (one hour duration)

Hickstead Polo School Limited Group Offer

For groups of three, including pont rental and one hour’s tuition.

£55.00 per person (limited to 30 lessons under this offer).

Full & DIY livery

Hickstead is the perfect place to play arena polo because the club has over 50 brick built stables within 400 metres of the arena, allowing the players to stable with the club over the winter and avoid the hassle and expense of keeping a groom and lorry on the road over the winter.

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  • 100m x 50m fully boarded, floodlit arena
  • 65m x 35m floodlit, instructional arena
  • 50 brick built stables
  • Covered pony lines
  • Arena-side Redmire Clubhouse and tiered viewing galleries
  • Spectator decking area
  • Players’ changing rooms
  • Arena-side parking
  • Suite of function rooms
  • Resident Porto Polo store (by order only)
  • Polo school
  • Full stable of pony rentals

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