Matias Bertola (+1), Giacomo Galantino (+1), Alberto Galantino (+2) and Santiago Loza (+5) of team Argentario Polo Club are announced the winners of the 23rd Argentario Gold Cup. This was also the first time in 16 years that a local team have managed to win the trophy.

However it was not an outright win for the team, as during their game against Polish team Tides with Maciek Ziemsk (0), Darek Gardener (0), Segundo Condesse Stanga (+3) and Santiago Irastorza (+4) it was not certain that the team from Argentario Polo Club would be victorious. The Tides dominated the game and it seemed as if the game would end in their favour. However the Argentario Polo Club fought this bravely. Santiago Loza really excelled, scoring 8 of the goals for the Argentario team. Ending with a 9-9 draw meant that the game would have to go into extra team. The extra chukka saw Santiago Loza once again take center stage. After 4 minutes of play, he managed to score the deciding golden goal and the Argentario Polo Club left the field the as victors with a final score of 10-9.

The ranking Gold Cup:
1. Argentario Polo Club (+9)

Matias Bertola (+1)
Giacomo Galantino (+1)
Alberto Galantino (+2)
Santiago Loza (+5)

2. The Tides (+7)
Maciek Ziemsk (0)
Darek Gardener (0)
Segundo Condesse Stanga (+3)
Santiago Irastorza (+4)

3. La Mimosa (+10)
Stefania Annunziata (0)
Edoardo Ferari (+2)
Juan Manuel Gonzales (+6)
Julio Coria (+4)

4. Bardon Polo Team (+10)
Andras Tombor (0)
Diego Bissaro (+1)
Juan Josè Storni (+5)
Matias Machado (+4)

The ranking Comune di Monte Argentario Cup:
1. Enira / Cassiopeia (+10)

Alexander Hauptmann (+1)
Fernando Miño (+3)
Joaquin Maiquez (+6)
Robert Szucy (0)

2. La Celina (+7)
Edoardo Fontana (0)
Christoph Kerres (0)
Martin Joaquin (+3)
Felix Beguerie (+4)

3. Nipas Polo Team (+10)
Martijn van Scherpenzeel (+1)
Victorino Ruiz (+3)
Niels Van der Hoeven (+1)
Sebastian Petracchi (+5)

4. Rinidia Polo Team (+8)
Riccardo Paganelli (0)
Paolo Grillini (+2)
Therence Cusmano (+2)
Goffredo Cutinelli (+4)