From June 14th to June 23rd four teams with a handicap of +12 compete against each other at the Var Tournament 2013, which takes place at the Polo Club Saint-Tropez in France.
On Friday team The Glorious 4 encounters Pink Energy in the first preliminary round, on Saturday the second qualification match follows with team St-Tropez / La Campana against team British. The final as well as the match for third place will be held on June 23rd. The prize-giving will take place subsequent to the final match.

The Teams:
Pink Energy (+12)
Andreas Knapp-Voith (0)
Luis Ortiz de Urbina (+3)
Baustista Ortiz de Urbina (+6)
Santiago Schinoni (+3)
The Glorious 4 (+12)
Lucas F. (0)
Eva Brühl (+2)
Justin Gaunt (+4)
Ignacio Tillous (+6)
St-Tropez / La Campana (+12)
Corinne Schuler (0)
Kristian Petersson (0)
Gonzalo von Wernich (+7)
J.M. Garcia Laborde (+5)
British (+12)
Martyn M. (0)
Junior M. (+1)
Andreas Vianni (+6)
S. Novillo Astrada (+5)