The Valartis Bank Snow Polo World Cup in Kitzbühel will take place on 17th till 20th of January 2013. Eight international teams with handicaps from +10 to +12 will compete for the trophy.
For the first time the fashion label Tom Tailor from Hamburg / Germany is the official Supplier and will be providing the official tournament gear of the player. Tom Tailor will set up a Pop-up-store for the duration of the Valartis Bank Snow Polo World Cup.
Spectators have free admission to the Valartis Bank Snow Polo World Cup. VIP-tickets for Friday cost 160 euro per person and for Saturday as well as Sunday tickets cost 180 euro per person and day. More information about the VIP-tickets and advanced sales: and

The Teams:

Valartis Bank
Stefan Proietti (+1)
Gaston Maiquez (+8)
Tito Gaudenzi (+2)
Kitzbühel (+10)
Henk van Druten (+1)
Maurice van Druten (+3)
Sylvio Couthino (+6)
Tom Tailor (+11)
Thomas Winter (+6)
Christopher „Niffy“ Winter (+4)
Uwe Schröder (+1)
Luxury (+12)
Sebastian Schneberger (+2)
Agustin Kronhaus (+4)
Valentin Novillo (+6)
Audi (+11)
Richard Davis (0)
Tarquin Southwell (+5)
Jonny Good (+6)
Wintertechnik (+11)
Steffi von Pock (+1)
Eva Brühl (+3)
Ignacio Tillous (+7)
Parmigiani (+11)
MJ Ferch / Heino Ferch (+1)
Patricio Gaynor (+5)
Ignacio Garrahan (+5)
N.N. (+12)
Marcus Schalldach (+2)
Moritz Gädeke (+4)
Gustavo Lins (+6)

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