From 19-20 December 2014, the winter sports resort Aspen in the US state of Colorado will once again turn into the snow polo hotspot of North America: Six teams, called Piaget, Audi, U.S. Polo Assn., Flex Jet, St. Regis and The Aspen Valley Polo Club and including 18 players, will participate in the 15th edition of the popular event.

For the second time, the tournament will be organised by the Aspen Valley Polo Club in association with both United States Polo Association and World Polo Tour. Marc Ganzi, co-owner and founder of Aspen Valley Polo Club: “The USPA Piaget World Snow Polo Championship is played in a snow polo arena format which is played 3 on 3. It allows players to gain points to their overall world polo ranking for the last time in 2014.”

Last year’s venue had been Wagner Park in the middle of Aspen, but with renovation ongoing in Wagner Park, this year’s matches will be held in Rio Grande Park. Melissa Ganzi: “Both parks are in the heart of downtown Aspen with majestical mountain backdrops for the polo matches. Aspen is unique and a world class destination. Snow Polo adds a new element to Aspen, it brings international players and equine athletes into the city.”

The teams:

Marc Ganzi
Jeff Hall and
Nic Roldan

Melissa Ganzi
Kris Kampsen
Juan Bollini

U.S. Polo Association
Grant Ganzi
Tommy Biddle
Brandon Phillips

St. Regis
Alejandro Gonzalez
Mariano Gracida
Roberto Gonzalez

Flex Jet
Tommy Kato
Luis Escobar
Martin Pepa

Aspen Valley Polo Club
Juancito Bollini
Negro Astrada
Andres Gonzalez