Team Valiente II is the winner of USPA Piaget Gold Cup 2012. With 11:9 victory, Robert Jornayvaz (0), Adolfo Cambiaso (+10), Pelon Stirling (+9) and Alejo Taranco (+6) defeated Team Valiente I on Sunday at the International Polo Club in Wellington. The four took revenge for the upset a few weeks ago in the final of the C.V. Whitney Cup 2012 against Bob Jornayvaz (0), Polito Pieres (+8), Miguel N. Astrada (+9) and Nacho N. Astrada (+9) of Team Valiente I.
Up to the fifth chukka Adolfo Cambiaso helped his team to a 10:8 lead by scoring six goals. Just shortly after, Adolfo hurt his right hand and had to be replaced by the +10-scorer Juan Martin Nero. Earlier in the petit finale Mark Ganzi (+1), Nico Pieres (+8), Gonzalito Pieres (+10) and Jeff Hall (+7) of Team Piaget won. With a clear 14:10 the four secured the victory against Team Las Minjitas with Camilo Bautista (0), Inaki LaPrida (+7), Javier N. Astrada (+9) and Eduardo N. Astrada (+10).
Adolfo Cambiaso is planning to take part in the opening match of the Nespresso US Open. There, he is going to play with Team Valiente II against Team Coca-Cola.