The 5th Tradition’s Cup held at La Sofía Polo Club, Argentina, has been once again a great success this year. On Friday, November 28th, the final took place and it was a fantastic day of polo.

Team Hierro & Albero, formed by Niclas Johansson (0), Josh Cork (0), Patrick Rattagan (+3) and Santiago Shanahan (+4) – replacing Luis Duggan (+5) – managed to win the Tradition’s Cup 2014 against team La Bamba. The third position was for team La Merced Hierro & Albero, which beat team La Sofía Warsteiner. Finally, team Los Laureles Hotel Salta and team Los Pingüinos shared the fifth position due to a tie.

After the price-giving ceremony, La Sofía Polo Club and the official sponsors of the tournament threw a great party with true attention to detail; good music, plenty of Warsteiner beer and the best wines of Escorihuela Gascon’s winery. After the success of this edition, the 6th Tradition’s Cup 2015 will be a key date that cannot be missed next year during the Argentine’s high polo season. Once again, the tournament will take place in the week right before the semi-finals at Palermo, by the end of November.

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