Kave Shakib, Francisco Morales, Nicolás Álvarez and Juan María Ponce of team Shakib Polo are the winners of the Torneo Santa María, which was held on the last weekend at the Santa María Polo Club in Spain with a team handicap of 0 to +4 goals. Four teams with players from England, Ireland, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay and Spain participated in the tournament.

Team Shakib Polo showed a great performance and defeated the strong playing team Los Dragones in the final on Sunday by 7-6. Teams Silex and Blueye both were placed third after finishing their match with a 5-5 draw.

The Torneo Santa María was held for the first time and initiated the traditional spring tournaments in medium goal: the Memorial José Ignacio Domecq, starting next Saturday and the Memorial Conde de Guaqui, April 25th to 27th.