Last weekend the “Torneo de los Restaurantes” took place for the second time at the Santa María Polo Club in Sotogrande, Spain. Winning team was Mara with Kaveh Shakib (0), Joanna Mobley (0), Mario Gómez (+4) and Liciano Irazabal (+1). The foursome defeated Gilian Hughes (0), Andrew Nulty (0), Tiago Gallego (+4) and Nano Iturrioz (+1) from the team Cancha 2 in the finals with 7-6.
The final between Mara and Cancha 2 emerged as an exciting match as both teams fought to the last moment for winning the tournament. Mara had a better start, ruling the first and second chukkers and gaining advantage over Cancha 2 by three goals. But Cancha 2 quickly got back on track, evening the score, which lead to a last period full of adrenalin. Thanks to a strike by Mario Gómez, Mara took home the Copa La Quinta. On Sunday morning the teams Barlovento, La Quinta and Hairy Lemon had already fought for the third position. Hairy Lemon was successful and wrapped the victory up.
Polo players from Argentina, England, Ireland, New Zealand and Spain participated in the tournament. Five teams with a handicap up to +6 competed against each other and fought for the Copa La Quinta.

The Teams:
Mara (+5)
Kaveh Shakib (0)
Joanna Mobley (0)
Mario Gómez (+4)
Liciano Irazabal (+1)
Cancha 2 (+5)
Gilian Hughes (0)
Andrew Nulty (0)
Tiago Gallego (+4)
Nano Iturrioz (+1)
Hairy Lemon (+5)
Richard Fagan (+1)
TBA (0)
Santiago Torreguitar (+3)
Lawrence Isola (+1)
Barlovento (+5)
Isabel de Borbon (-1)
Cesar Miño (+2)
Gaetan Charloux (+3)
Kaveh Atrak (+1)
La Quinta (+5)
Jason/Rocho (0)
Sergio Pérez/Mc Kinney (0)
Matias Garrahan (+4)
Craig Mc Kinney (+1)