This weekend the second edition of the tournament „Torneo de los Restaurantes“ will take place at the beautiful and worldwide renowned Santa María Polo Club in Sotogrande, Spain.
The tournament is known for having multiple social events, which are advocated by numerous restaurants. The restaurants also participate as teams and sponsors at the competition for the Cupa La Quinta. The KE Sotogrande Restaurant inaugurated the tournament that yesterday with the drawing of the teams. Five teams (up to +6 handicap) will play this tournament, the chukkers start today at five p.m. with the match Cancha 2 vs. Barlovento.
At the following weekends the Santa María Polo Club is going to host more exciting low handicap tournaments:
Restaurante La Quinta: May 31st to June 2nd
Copa de Jerez: June 8th to 10th
Memorial Andrés Parladé: June 14th to 16th
Memorial Conde de la Maza: June 21st to 23rd and June 28th to 30th

The Teams:
Cancha 2 (+5)
Gilian Hughes (0)
Andrew Nulty (0)
Tiago Gallego (+4)
Nano Iturrioz (+1)
Barlovento (+5)
Isabel de Borbon (-1)
Cesar Miño (+2)
Gaetan Charloux (+3)
Kaveh Atrak (+1)
Mara (+5)
Kaveh Shakib (0)
Joanna Mobley (0)
Mario Gómez (+4)
Liciano Irazabal (+1)
Hairy Lemon (+5)
Richard Fagan (+1)
TBA (0)
Santiago Torreguitar (+3)
Lawrence Isola (+1)
La Quinta (+5)
Jason/Rocho (0)
Sergio Pérez/Mc Kinney (0)
Matias Garrahan (+4)
Craig Mc Kinney (+1)