The first and only intercollegiate polo program in Australia, the University of Sydney Polo Club, is founded on a long-standing tradition of the sport in Australia with a vision for integrating polo into Australian student life.

The University of Sydney Polo Club was established in late 2012 by Georgia Higgins and Sophie Utz – two young Australian polo players. Since its inception, it currently counts 75 undergraduate and postgraduate members consisting of both active players and spectators. The Club currently mounts a strong zero goal team whilst also attracting non-players through private marquees and regular social events such as the International Tournament at Windsor Polo Club and the Gold Cup at Sydney Polo Club.

Ms Higgins and Ms Utz have had to build the club from scratch; most of the team having never held a polo mallet and some wielding little to no riding experience when they first joined. The Sydney University players are not deterred. With the help of Riverlands Polo, the constant supply of polo clinics at affordable student rates have begun to produce some decent results. The club has players who have played on both inter-state and national circuits.

The club is looking forward to an auspicious season and eagerly anticipates their inaugural invitational in mid-October.