The Orange Cup celebrates its jubilee. The tournament is one of the most important polo events in the Netherlands and this year is already held for the twentieth time. From July 4th to 7th, six teams with an international line-up compete against each other at the Polo Club Wassenaar at the gates of The Hague, including players from Sweden, Belgium and Poland.

The Teams:
Cardon (+7)
Erwin Schroevers (0)
Paolo Ballester (+2)
Fransisco MacLoughlin (+3)
Juan Pedro Ghio (+2)
Schweden (+8)
Niclas Johansson (0)
Anders Thulin (0)
Santiago Shanahan (+4)
Mariano Raigal (+4)
Belgien (+6)
Anthony Smet (-1)
Daniel Elosegui (+2)
David Bernal (+6)
Hubert van Berkel (-1)
Polen (+6)
Maliek Ziemski (0)
Secundo Condesse (+2)
Santiago Irastorza (+4)
Darek Gardener (0)
HV Polo (+8)
Manu Maes (0)
Nick Grooss (+3)
Pablo Urquiza (+5)
Maarten Hulsman (0)
QM Polo (+8)
Philip van der Kloot Meijburg (+1)
Guillermo MacLoughlin (+3)
Miguel Lagos (+4)
Savine van der Kloot Meijburg (0)