We published the first edition of POLO+10 on Easter 2004. Today we are having an eye on the sport of polo around the world.

The polo world has changed in these ten years. It has opened to a wider audience. It has learned that the young generation is the future and has put a lot of ideas and money into working with young people and supporting young talents. Since then access to the sport has become easier, polo schools and rented horses are not uncommon today. Our publisher himself is “in the saddle” and has just been taught some technical tips by Memo Gracida. We found so many partners and friends in the past year, that we wrote an article about it in this issue.

This POLO+10 World issue will present fantastic polo destinations. For example polo clubs on Hawaii and in Brazil. We had an interview with Tommy Lee Jones, Hollywood star and Harvard alumni, who played a key role in giving Harvard back its own polo team. He told us about his trip to Mongolia, which was obviously very impressive. We also looked behind the scenes of World Polo Tour and asked some questions about the individual stations, playing mode and ranking. But see for yourself, there is much more to discover.

We thank our readers for the many congratulations we have already received in this anniversary year. And as usual we look forward to your feedback and comments in future and hope you enjoy reading the current issue of POLO+10 World.

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The topics:
Hawaii Polo:
13 Circuits make up the community of USPA polo players, instructors and club owners within the United States. POLO+10 talked to Hawaii Circuit Governor Christopher Dawson about the sport and its popularity on the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

Tommy Lee Jones: Hollywood’s good sport. POLO+10 interview with Tommy Lee Jones, polo enthusiast and Harvard alumni.

German Polo Tour: In 2010, Christopher Kirsch founded Germany’s first polo league, the German Polo Tour, a tournament series that has become an indispensable feature in Germany’s polo calendar.

Lucas Monteverde: POLO+10 interviewed one of the shining stars that surprised the polo fans during the 2013 Argentine Open, Lucas Monteverde, from the finalist Alegría team.

World Polo Tour: The World Polo Tour is the international ranking of polo players. In 2014, there is a total of 54 tournaments taking place all around the world, where players can collect points. POLO+10 explains how the system works.

The new isle of polo: Its game season lasts from March to December, and its climate conditions leave nothing to be desired. And a flight from Hamburg to Mallorca takes only two and a half hours. Numerous low-cost flights go there every day – with a trend upward. On the holiday island of Mallorca, a polo community is currently forming. POLO+10 is on site, and, from now on, will assist those who seek a polo property.