Since 2004, POLO+10 has been reporting on Polo, mainly in Europe. Our international edition POLO+10 World covers worldwide polo connections and is published twice yearly.
Now, on the eve of its 10th birthday, the POLO+10 team has once again enjoyed taking in a deep breath of air from the international polo scene and proudly presents the new issue of our international POLO+10 World magazine.
Dr. Richard T. Caleel, President of the Federation of International Polo (FIP) since December, explains to POLO+10 in an interview what direction the international federation intends to take to fight for more transparency and more visibility of the polo sport. Polo is possibly to be featured at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy and that would enhance the sport‘s public profile considerably.
We should also mention what a fantastic warm welcome we received in March in Paris and Chantilly when we started to prepare the first French edition of POLO+10. This issue of POLO+10 World already offers a preview on that new magazine with a huge reporting about polo in France. At the peak of the season, in September, up to three tournaments run parallelly on the nine playing fields in Chantilly and the quality of the ground is sensational. In 2012, Chantilly was host to nearly fifty tourna-ments, with sixty-five teams coming just for the French Federation‘s venues. And of course we have gathered polo news and connections from all over the world again.
We hope you enjoy reading this new issue of POLO+10 World and find much of interest in it. Please write to us if you want to give us any feedback, and if there’s a topic you find especially interesting,we’d like to know it. Our very best wishes until the next issue of POLO+10 World in October 2013.

The complete issue POLO+10 World II to download (13,6 MB)

The topics:
The New Man at the FIP: American Dr. Richard T. Caleel has been the president of the Federation of International Polo (FIP) since December, when he succeeded the Argentinian Eduardo Huergo, who headed the FIP for three years. POLO+10 spoke to Dr. Caleel about the FIP’s main targets and aims and goals.
Emirates Polo: Polo is booming in the United Arab Emirates. The sport has been making huge strides in the Persian Gulf over the past few years. A look back over the polo highlights of the 2012-2013 seasons.
Polo in America: A foray through the history of polo in the United States.
The French Way: France is one of the most successful polo nations in Europe and will get a new POLO+10 issue in french language which is coming out in May / June 2013.
10 Goaler: First in a series of 10 Goal Handicap Polo Players‘ Portraits in POLO+10 World: Guillermo “Sapo” Caset’s Comeback.
POLO+10 Visit in Palermo: POLO+10 attended the grand final of the Palermo Open in december and parts of the 8th Argentine Polo Tour personally and presented the POLO+10 Magazines for the first time with an own booth at the Cathedral of Polo in Buenos Aires / Argentina.
Marrakesh: The Kingdom of Morocco is not usually associated with polo, but with its incredible beauty, long tradition of horsemanship and fantastic year-round climate, this is poised to change.