Time flies. By now it’s been nearly ten years that we have committed ourselves to the most beautiful and oldest team sport in the world – polo. Ten years in which we reported with much passion, enthusiasm and heart’s blood on the big and small stories, on famous and new locations and personalities, on the faces on and next to the playing field. Ten years in which we did not only accompany the rapid progress of polo, but also were part of embossing it. Since last year we also give a voice to international polo with Anglophone issues – and for the first time were present with our own stand at the Palermo Open in Buenos Aires. This was rendered possible by Mauricio Fernández Funes, director of the Argentine Polo Association: friendly, unbureaucratic and effective – thank you very much, Mauricio!
Exactly these experiences are motivating us and encourage us to go on. The friends who were with us right from the start. The enthusiasm of the players and the hosts who live polo day in, day out. The worldwide ecstasy for this sport which is contagious. The affection and hospitality that welcome us. The new friendships that are formed.
For the upcoming issue of POLO+10 once again we travelled across the globe, visited new and old friends und felt the same passion worldwide, which unites us.
We paid a visit to the masters of the cult brand Fagliano in Hurlingham close to Buenos Aires. There, three generations of Faglianos are crafting the best polo boots in the world with abandon. The best players in the world, celebrities and VIPs are customers of this workshop and enthusiastic about the quality of the handmade boots.
The unique photographs by Michael Poliza spray pure enthusiasm and true passion, too. He is part of the best wildlife photographers worldwide and with the Michael Poliza Experiences now lets others participate in his passion.
This summer it is also ten years since the amazing polo picnic in Münster started and for this reason we devote a large photo series to it in this issue. Thanks to Basti for ten years of top polo between the parties, the picnickers will turn this anniversary issue into a special experience for sure.
To the friends who accompanied us from the start belongs Iris Hadrat. Photographer Florian Grill has staged the girlfriend of Germany’s best polo player Thomas Winter, as well as Ella Marchenko, girlfriend of polo player and director of Lafina Federico Heinemann, fashionable on Gut Basthorst. In spring the BMW Polo Cup Gut Basthorst provided for a crowd of celebrities on the idyllic manor. During the last years Enno von Ruffin and Uwe Zimmermann have established one of the social highlights of the season at the gates of Hamburg.
The German tournament calendar is unimaginable without the competitions of Kiki Schneider (Sylt) and Christopher Kirsch (German Polo Tour, Pegasus Events), who unremittingly advocate polo and set course with their events. We are also excited by the commitment of Gerhard Hermann who just now is starting off with his first tournament season at the Polo Club Schloss Niederweiden.
The preparations for the big POLO+10 anniversary edition in this years fall are already running at full speed. However, as a start we wish great pleasure reading the late-breaking 146-sided POLO+10.
Thanks to all for the great support, friendly communication and all the new visions of the sport!
This autumn the big anniversary issue is going to be published. On our website and in the biggest Facebook polo community of the world (www.facebook.com/poloplus10) you can find all latest news and stories from the world of polo. Let yourself be catched by the ecstasy!
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The topics:
Interview with Oliver Winter: Whereto is polo this year heading and what are the most important goals? Interview with Oliver Winter, president of the German Polo Association (DPV).
Snow Chukka: Even a record winter has its good points. Glistening snow, a bitter cold, shimmering sunshine and plenty of snow are the perfect requirements for snow polo.
Polo picnic Münster: Vampires, Redlight and pirate costumes are part of the polo picnic in Münster. A great amusement and an exciting polo classic, that celebrates its tenth birthday in this year – happy birthday.
POLO+10 meets Fagliano: Premiere: For the first time POLO+10 was present with its own stand at the great final of the Palermo Open and also paid a visit to the masters of the cult brand Fagliano in Hurlingham close to Buenos Aires.
Miami Beach Polo: This year’s La Martina Miami Beach Polo World Cup once again enthused with polo action & beach feeling.
Dreams of the city: Exclusive and extraordinary residential and real estate projects.
Fashion meets polo: Polo meets fashion designer from Hamburg: Photographer Florian Grill accompanied the player’s girlfriends Ella and Iris to an inspiring party in the countryside on Gut Basthorst.