On 20th September 2014, the Czech Republic’s first ever polo in the park style event will be held at Průhonice Park, which is located in the South of Prague. The park was founded in 1885 and with its size of 200 hectares is one of the ten most visited places in the Czech Republic. The event is entitled “The Journey to Persia” and is organised by Gill Polo Club.

Main part of the event will be a polo tournament including three teams, meeting each other in three matches and fighting for the El Asador Polo Cup. In addition there will be several workshops about Persian culture and art and Polo’s origins.

Stepan Dvorak, owner of the El Asador Argentinian Restaurant and sponsor of the El Asador Polo Cup: “We are very excited about this opportunity to participate in what we hope will become a regular feature.”

Naveed Gill, host of the event: “I look forward to the event and am positive that it will create a new tradition for the Czech Public to see and understand Polo at first hand.”