Thai Polo wins RMPA Classic 2018 – the second Malaysian Leg of the Royal Malaysian Polo Association (RMPA) International League 2018 at Royal Selangor Polo Club, Malaysia. The tournament saw four 13-goal teams in competition. Thai Polo could emerge victorious against Team Royal Pahang with 8 : 4,5.

The RMPA International League 2018 consists of the Thai Polo Open (won by Royal Pahang), the RSPC Open 2018 (won by Thai Polo), the RMPA Classic (won by Thai Polo) and the RMPA International League Final which will kick off this week on September 5th and will see five teams in participation. The tournament will be played at Taman Equestrian Putrajaya and Royal Selangor Polo Club.

Team Thai Polo
Harald Link 0 
Juan Manuel García Grossi 2
Carlos Pando 5
Rauli Laplacette 6

Team Royal Pahang
HRH Tengku Hassanal Shah 1
HH Tengku Amir Ibrahim 1
Tomasito Fernández Llorente 7
HH Tengku Shazril 3

Best Playing Pony: Mandinga, owned by Thai Polo and played by Raul Laplacette.
Most Valuable Player: Raul Laplacette

RMPA International League 2018 Standings:

Thai Polo, 39 points
Royal Pahang, 30 points
La Familia, 16 points
La Sarita, 13 points