Last year the St. Moritz World Cup on Snow 2012 was cancelled for the first time in its history due to warm temperatures. This year the hosts of the event hope for cold temperatures on 24th till 27th of January. Four teams with +18-handicaps will participate in the snow polo tournament on the lake St. Moritz. The teams 2013.

The Teams:
Cartier (+18)
Richard Davis (0, GBR)
Jonny Good (+5, GBR)
Eduardo Novillo Astrada (+9, ARG)
Tarquin Southwell (+4, GBR)
Ralph Lauren (+18)
Michael Bickford (+1, USA)
Jamie Morrison (+4, UK)
Nacho Figueras (+6, ARG)
Marcos Araya (+7, ARG)
Sal. Oppenheim (+18)
Jonathan Munro Ford (0, AUS)
Max Charlton (+6, UK)
Nacho Gonzalez (+6, UK)
Chris Hyde (+6, UK)
BMW (+18)
Andreas Knapp Voith (0, ESP)
Bautista Urbina (+6, ARG)
Ignacio Tillous (+6, ARG)
Lucas Labat (+6, ARG)