Team Zacara is the winner of the 108th Nespresso US Open Championship 2012, with players Magoo Laprida (+8), Lyndon Lea (+1), Facundo Pieres (+10) and Mike Azzaro (+7). With a score of 10:8, the four defeated Victor Vargas (+1), Sapo Caset (+10), Juan Martin Nero (+10) und Facundo Obregon (+5) from Team La Lechuza Caracas at the International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington.
After a tied first half, ending with a score of 5:5, Team Zacara began their race to the win with a penalty shot from Facundo Pieres. At the end of the fourth Chukka the score was 7:5 with Team Zacara in the lead. With all its strength Team La Lechuza Caracas tried to even out the score, but it was too late. Team Zacara already had the win in sight.
Mike Azzaro, who scored four points for Team Zacara, and brought them to victory was awarded „Most Valuable Player“, die the award for „Best Playing Pony“ was given to ten-year-old Stute Lelani of player Lyndon Lea.