Team Thai Polo is the winner of the Asian Beach Polo Championship 2012. With a 4:2 victory, Harald Link (0), Caroline Link (0) and Suphachai Sukhampha (-1) defeated Team China Polo, with players Claude Haberer (-1), William Zhao (-1) and Juan Martin Gallego (+1) on the 7th of April 2012.
With a 6:3,5 win Team India Polo with Claudia Zeisberger (0), Vorajit Wongkasoh (-1) and Bhawani Kalvi (+3) secured the third place against Team Macau Polo to put them in the winners’ circle.
The Beach Polo Championship 2012 is Asia’s only beach polo tournament and 2012 marks its third year. The playing location on the beach of Hua Hin is a very renowned sport and holiday spot in Thailand.

The Rankings:
1. Thai Polo (-1)
Harald Link (0)
Caroline Link (0)
Suphachai Sukhampha (-1)
2. China Polo (-1)
Claude Haberer (-1)
William Zhao (-1)
Juan Martin Gallego (+1)
3. India Polo (+2)
Claudia Zeisberger (0)
Vorajit Wongkasoh (-1)
Bhawani Kalvi (+3)

4. Macau Polo (-1)
Rodrigo Castro (-1)
Santi Bachmann (+1)
Goncalo Cabral (-1)