Team Moscow Polo Club is the winner of the 7th Argentina Club at Moscow Polo Club. With a quite close 9:8 the four won against Team Tseleevo Polo. Each Team started with four players, whereas the other players took part in the tournament as substitutes.
The next big highlight in the polo calendar at the Moscow Polo Club is the High Goal Festival from 4th to 12th of August 2012. Teams of the up to +14 devision will start here. From 28th to 29th of June Team Moscow Polo club travels to England for a friendly match to play over the International Polo Cup.

1. Moscow Polo Club
Celestino Rivera (+3)
Martin Estrada (+3)
Victor Huaco (0)
Egor Zaostrovtsev (0)
Evgeniy Ovcharov (0)
Sophia Dubrova (-2)
Raya Sidorenko (-1)

2. Tseleevo Polo
Hernan Traverso (+4)
Misha Rodzianko (+2)
Anastasia Rodzianko (0)
Alexis Rodzianko (-1)
David Geovanis (+1)
Pavel Isaev (-1)