Already for the 14th time six internationally staffed teams competed in the Scapa Sports Beach Polo Tournament at the beach of Knokke, Belgium. Rhea Gutperle reports from the Belgian Knokke:
“For the 14th time and in perfect weather probably the oldest beach polo tournament in the world started. Like every year, Michael Redding, owner of Scapa Sports and a passionate polo player himself, was invited to come to Knokke to play polo. Six international teams competed for three days to win the treasured trophy. In a last minute victory, Team Loewe won against the hosting team that scored at the second position. David Bernal (+7) of Team Loewe was awarded Most Valuable Player.“

The Rankings:
1. Loewe (+11/+12)
Jan Lems / Tim Lems (0/+1)
Bernal Gonzalo (+4)
David Bernal (+7)
2. Scapa Sports (+10)
Michael Redding (+2)
Vincent Vroninks (+1)
Santiago Cernades (+7)
3. Merit Capital (+9)
Ian Gallienne (+2)
Manu Maes (+1)
Christian Bernal (+6)
4.Pommery (+8)
Philip de Groot (+2)
Sebastian Schneberger (+2)
Ignacio Bello (+4)
5. Tom Tailor (+11)
Eduardo Anca (+7)
Octavio Olmedo (+3)
Uwe Schröder (+1)
6. Landrover (+11)
Andrew Nulty (+1)
Maurice van Druten (+3)
Matias Maiquez (+7)

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