Team Hot Conejos has won the 9. Coppa Italia F.I.S.E. at the Argentario Polo Club in Italy. Defeating Team La Nuova Poncia that won the Cup in 2016, the victorious team from Belgium, which played for the first time at the Argentario Polo Club, surprised everyone. The Coppa Italia F.I.S.E. is an international polo tournament played from 4-6 goals and is organized in collaboration with the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports. Six teams have fought for two weeks in the 9. Coppa Italia. In the end the incisive and sparkling game of the Hot Conejos was superior. A positive note was the presence of four very young players in the two finalist teams: Bautista Riglos, Leon De Cloedt and Lucas Bertola who are 15 years old, and the 18-year-old Lucien De Cloedt. They have thrilled with the liveliness they put on the field under the direction and experience of the Argentinian professional polo players Marcos Riglos and Oscar Colombres.

Third and fourth place (Coppa Comune di Monte Argentario) went to Team Acquedotto Romano Polo Club and Team La Fiorina. In the match for the fifth place (Troffo Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola) Team El Porteno defeated Team La Patrona Leopoldina. Best scorer of the tournament became Fernando Rivera from Team El Porteno (20 goals). Regalito owned by Leon de Cloedt was awarded Best Playing Pony.

An extraordinary and intense audience participation supported the teams during the matches and the prize giving. The audience and teams celebrated with a tasting of the wines of Santa Lucia winery and dairy products of Caseificio Manciano.