An international polo tournament The Diplomats Polo Cup – Prague 2015 took place for the second time in the Czech capital from Thursday, 4th to Saturday, 6th June under the auspices of the Mexican Embassy. Despite the tropical weather Saturday's Grand Finals attracted over 350 visitors who created wonderful supporting atmosphere for the players and ponies battling on the field. The cup went to Chateau Nine Peaks team.

The three-day tournament was hosted by the Aviator Polo Club in Prague and it took place in CONSEQ Park, Velka Chuchle. It was open to public and although the temperature climbed to over 30 degrees, the Saturday’s Grand Finals attracted 350 visitors, polo fans and horse enthusiasts, who enjoyed a day out and had a picnic at an exciting and unique sports event.

The Grand Finals opened with a ceremony and a speech given by his excellency Mr. Pablo Macedo, the ambassador of Mexico. Apart from the matches guest could enjoy concert of Brazilian singer Santiago Ferreira, BMW test driving, pony riding, „have-a-go-polo“ practice area, children’s corner by Pink Crocodile, and much more. The event was closed by an awards ceremony and a charity action with proceeds going to the Pink Crocodile, non-profit organization supporting children with complex needs.

Sponsors of the event included renowned companies such as Raiffeissen Leasing, Darboven, Letenský zámecek, Prague Business Club, COSMOPOLO, Insight home, HomeArt, MoveOne, Planet Systems, Coca-Cola, Mattoni and more.

About Aviator Polo Club
Aviator Polo Club was established in 2010 and it is now the largest and fastest growing polo club in the Czech Republic. It is also the only polo club within the metropolitan district of Prague. Currently it has over 20 members of various nationalities, some of them didn’t have any equestrian experience before joining. The club’s polo fields and stables are situated at the Conseq Park Velká Chuchle.


#1 Chateau Nine Peaks (+2 / +4)
Steve Rose (+1)
Solveig Zoske (-2) / Leon Hauptmann (0)
Abel Flamenco (+2)
Sasha Hauptmann (+1)

#2 BMW (+1)
Brigitte Emborg / Ulrike Schneider (-2)
Brad Raifford-Blachett (+2)
Greg Gibb (-1)
Stevie McCraith (+2)

#3 EE Engine (-1)
Robert Šíma (-2)
Achim Jähnke (-1)
Uwe Seebacher (0)
Benjamin Polledo (+2)

#4 Thun (-2 / -4)
Jarka Pavel (-1)
Nicolaus Siewald (0) / Rene Lelek (-2) / Jan Průcha (-2)
Marek Polan (-1)
Joe Reinhard (0)