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60 Years Queen`s Cup 2020

The Polo Classic: From 19 May to 14 June 2020 the legendary Queen’s Cup at Guards Polo Club will celebrate its 60th anniversary. Of course, huge festivities are coming up next year. But the 2019... » more

Cartier Queen’s Cup 2019

Guards Polo Club has announced that 12 teams will be playing in the 2019 Cartier Queen’s Cup Tournament (21 May – 16 June). One of the world’s most prestigious polo tournaments, featuring... » more
Cartier Queen’s Cup Polo Team Zacara

Zacara wins again!

In yesterday’s final of the Cartier Queen's Cup, team Zacara, formed by Facundo Pieres (+10), Lyndon Lea (+1), Gonzalo Deltour (+7) and Matt Perry (+4), won the coveted trophy and thereby repeated... » more
Cartier Queen’s Cup UAE Polo Team

Zacara and Talandracas fight for the Cup

The Cartier Queen’s Cup ends on 15th June with the exciting final between Zacara and Talandradas. Since 20th May, the 15 teams fight for the Cartier Queen’s Cup, which takes place at Guards Polo... » more
Talandracas wins the Coupe d’Or at the Deauville International Polo Club

Talandracas wins by golden goal

The final match of the 63rd edition of the Coupe d’Or between Talandracas and Murus Sanctus at the Deauville International Polo Club could not have been more exciting. The visitors witnessed... » more
Sainte Mesme wins the Argentina Polo Tour 2013 at La Dolfina Polo Club

Sainte Mesme wins at La Dolfina Polo Club

Team Sainte Mesme with Robert Strom, Fernando Rivera, Clemente Zavaleta (h) and Rodrigo Rueda has won the second station of the Argentine Polo Tour 2013. With a clear 15:10 the four players defeated... » more
Argentina Polo Tour La Dolfina 2013

The finalists for the second station are fixed

Sainte Mesme and Saesa Laetare will be in the finale of the second station of Argentina Polo Tour QBE Seguros 2013. On sunday, the 23rd of march, at 4 pm (local time) both finalists will fight for... » more
Argentina Polo Tour QBE Seguros 2013 La Dolfina

They did it again

Déjà-vu: At the end of the second match day of the Argentina Polo Tour, the same teams left the field as winners like on the first match day: Saesa Laetare, Barra Brava Casa de Mar, Sainte Mesme... » more
Argentina Polo Tour 2013 La Dolfina

The First Match Day

Yesterday the second stage of the 2013 Argentina Polo Tour QBE Seguros started at the La Dolfina Polo Club in Cañuelas, 60 kilometers south of Buenos Aires. Saesa Laetare, Barra Brava Casa de Mar,... » more
Logo Argentina Polo Tour QBE Seguros 2013

Second stage La Dolfina

The second stage of the Argentine Polo Tour starts tomorrow. A total of eight teams with handicaps from +15 to +16 will fight up to the 23rd of March for the Copa Hope Funds and Copa JVC at the La... » more