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Irina Kazaridi: Polo & Horses

A few years ago, Russian Irina Kazaridi started her career as an international photo-grapher. Since then she travels the world to shoot the “behind the scenes moments“ of polo. In St. Moritz she... » more

St. Regis Classic

It was a beautiful summer evening in Houston, Texas as the Houston Polo Club hosted two fast moving 6 goal games for the audience to enjoy. In the first match up, Vintage Polo made quick... » more

Folded Hills Pope Challenge

There was a big leadup to the Folded Hills Pope Challenge Final. In order to play in the final, there was a three-way shoot-out on the Friday before between Antelope, BenSoleimani.com, and Dundas 2... » more
POLO+10 in Mallorca

Mallorca – The new isle of polo

Its game season lasts from March to December, and its climate conditions leave nothing to be desired. And a flight from Hamburg to Mallorca takes only two and a half hours. Numerous low-cost flights... » more
La Martina Polo Fashion, Lodenfrey Munich

La Martina’s new venture

Hardly any other brand represents the values of polo as much as the Argentinean label La Martina does. All over the world the popular brand in clothing, accessories and polo equipment currently opens... » more
POLO+10 website redesigned!

POLO+10 website redesigned!

The polo season in Europe has started and just in time the POLO+10 website has been redesigned. Bigger pictures, new categories and a well-structured menu navigation provide more clarity and a better... » more

10 years POLO+10 – extended anniversary edition in November

We will be looking back and looking forward... because this autumn POLO+10 turns ten years. Our decennial birthday – definitely a reason to celebrate! Ten years ago, the world of polo was... » more