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The liquid health company Matcha The Green Gold

Matcha – The Green Gold!

Matcha (Jap. ground tea) is a fine powder of shadowed green Tea (Tencha) and the oldest and most premium variety of green tea in Japan. An extraordinary energy, health and anti-aging drink.... » more
Fipa Group AB 100

New yacht model AB 100

The AB Yachts shipyard, part of Fipa Group, is proud to announce the launch of its new model AB 100. The AB 100 is the first of new projects that Fipa Group is completing for the 2016 summer season... » more

Around the globe with POLO+10!

The most important basic information and everything you want to know about the POLO+10 World Tour. Thomas Wirth, owner of POLO+10, explains the backgrounds of the tour and answers frequently asked... » more
Hurlingham Polo Association Rules & Regulations 2016

HPA announce worldwide unified polo rules

It seems as the controversy regarding unified polo rules between the three big polo nations Argentina, Great Britain and the US, which has lasted over the past decades, has finally been settled. The... » more
POLO+10: polo statistics

Polo in numbers

Argentina, USA and Europe are the big polo nations. More than half of all clubs and players can be found here. But what about the other countries? And how many clubs and players can be found... » more
Award ceremony USPA Gold Cup 2016

Dubai wins USPA Gold Cup 2016

In the final three minutes of the game, Dubai scored a goal to cinch a white-knuckle victory over Audi at Sunday’s USPA Gold Cup final at the International Polo Club.... » more
+10 World

Discover locations and events around the world!

Polo is played in over 90 countries, worldwide way more than 1,000 polo clubs exist and each day countless tournaments take place around the globe. On our website in the +10 World section you find... » more
POLO+10 Tournament Calendar

Searching and finding tournaments worldwide

You would like to know when and where across the world the sport of polo is played? You are looking for tournaments taking place in the vicinity of your hometown? You would like to visit a specific... » more
POLO+10 World Tour

POLO+10 World Tour: Upcoming events are set!

The upcoming events of the POLO+10 World Tour have been set! Travel across the globe with POLO+10 – the World Tour will take you to fascinating locations such as Ibiza, Morocco, Mexico, the... » more
POLO+10 Players List

For players only

Unique service for clubs and players: POLO+10 currently builds up the biggest players database in the world and via this list will send invitations to tournaments from organisers all over the world... » more