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Patrons’ Tour 2019 at the Marrakech Polo Club Jnan Amar

The Marrakech Polo Club Jnan Amar is hosting the 4th annual Patrons’ Tour 2019, a special 3-day event, with international polo pros and players, on the weekend of April 12-14. Polo players’... » more

First edition of the Marrakech Polo Patrons Tour

Premiere at the Marrakech Polo Club: Team TGCC wins the first Marrakech Polo Patrons Tour. Players of the Moroccan Royal Guard, Argentine professionals and patrons from Switzerland, Liechtenstein,... » more
Newport International Polo Series 2016 Team Morocco

Moroccan Polo Team plays at Newport Polo Club

The first Moroccan Civilian Polo Team to ever play in the United States performed an outstanding match against Team USA at the historic Newport Polo Club in Rhode Island. Over 5,000 spectators... » more
Ranking POLO+10 World Tour

The current ranking of the POLO+10 World Tour

The Genghis Khan Polo Cup, which was held at the end of August in Mongolia, was part of the POLO+10 World Tour and thus the tournament at Genghis Khan Polo Club was not only about winning, but also... » more
Award ceremony PGH Summer Cup 2016.

Team In the Wings wins the PGH Summer Cup in Morocco

Lavinia Fabre (0), Rufus Bensadon (0), Francisco Bensadon (8) and André Fabre (0) from Team In the Wings are the winners of the PGH Summer Cup at the PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club (Morocco). With a... » more
Cover POLO+10 Edition 2/2016

The new issue POLO+10 is out now!

The polo summer is hot: Currently the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup is played for at Cowdray Park Polo Club, this weekend the International Polo Cup started in Saint-Tropez, the 45th INID International... » more
Cover POLO+10 World Edition 2/2016

The new issue POLO+10 World is out now!

This issue of POLO+10 World introduces you to great international polo people such as Melissa Ganzi, the wonderful polo lady from the United States as well as Melanja Jones, who is now manager in... » more
Sébastien Le Page, the current number 1 of the POLO+10 World Tour

Sébastien Le Page leads ranking of the POLO+10 World Tour

Two wonderful events have already taken place as part of the POLO+10 World Tour. We have received a very positive feedback and are glad about the huge interest in the tour. Full of anticipation we... » more
POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Morocco 2016

POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup at the PGH Palmeraie Polo Club in Morocco

The polo club of Patrick Guerrand-Hermès was host to the second station of the POLO+10 World Tour, which took the participants to the north of Morocco. An unforgettable polo adventure right next to... » more
PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club

1st POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Morocco kicks off tomorrow

Following the fantastic start of the POLO+10 WORLD TOUR in Ibiza on the past weekend (POLO+10 reported) the next station of the tour is Morocco. From 29 April to 1 May 2016 we are guests at the PGH... » more