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Barrière Deauville Polo Cup

The Barrière  Deauville Polo Cup has its first two winners: the Ladies Polo Cup and the Silver Cup. Two gripping finals: superb horse-riding, magnificent horses and a beautiful sports show. And... » more

La Bendada wins Charriol Women’s International at the Polo Club Saint-Tropez

Hazel Jackson and Team La Bandada are the winners of the Charriol Women’s International at Polo Club Saint-Tropez last Sunday. The tournament saw four 14-goal teams (female handicap). The... » more
Queen’s Cup Pink Polo 2016 Team Thai Polo Award Ceremony

Thai Polo wins Queen’s Cup Pink Polo

At the Queen’s Cup Pink Polo 2016, taking place at the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, three ladies teams competed against each other.... » more
La Martina British Ladies Championships 2015

Team Apes Hill / Huntington wins through

Camilla Williams (0), Lottie Lamacroft (+3), Lucy Taylor (+4) and Nina Clarkin (+9) of team Apes Hill / Huntington are the winners of the La Martina British Ladies Championship, which was held from... » more
Award ceremony La Aguada Ladies Cup 2014

Ladies Power at La Aguada Polo Club

Jazmín Dupont, replacing Andrea Ferreira (0), Lucía Podestá (+2), Clara Cassino (+5) and Lia Salvo (+8) of team El Paso Polo Ranch are the winners of the La Aguada Ladies Cup, that was held for... » more
Award ceremony Ladies International Polo Tournament 2014 at Singapore Polo Club

Team Asian Strategies captured the victory

Hazel Jackson (+2), Claire Brougham (+1), Yvonne Twiss / Elaine Parnell (-1) and Abigail Slater / Diane Goldberg (-1) of team Asian Strategies are the winners of the Ladies International Polo... » more
Price giving La Aguada Ladies Cup 2013

Ladies Power at the La Aguada Polo Club

Luba Adarska (0), Sol López Llames (3), Clara Cassino (4) and Lia Salvo (8) of team La Vanguardia are the winners of the VI La Aguada Ladies Cup. In the final the foursome defeated Melanie Zubillaga... » more
Malaysian Ladies Polo Championship 2013

Tight victory for team La Pampa – GTM

La Pampa – GTM hung on for a narrow 4,5-4 win over La Boheme in the Visa Cup final of the Malaysian Ladies Polo Championships. Sarah Wiseman and Claire Donnelly engineered a fantastic win. Playing... » more
Singapore city skyline

Singapore Open 2013

Today the Singapore Open start at the Singapore Polo Club. Five teams compete. The final will be held on Sunday, June... » more
Polo Player John Paul Clarkin

The nominees are set

For the eighth time the best players and lady players, teams and patrons of the world will be honored with the Audi Polo Award in seven categories. The gala will take place on 20th of May at Coworth... » more