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Polo player Bartolomé „Lolo“ Castagnola

Bartolomé Castagnola: Goodbye to Argentine Triple Crown

Bartolomé “Lolo” Castagnola (+9), repetitive winner of the Argentine Open and founder of the La Natividad Polo Team, has announced his retirement from the Argentine Triple Crown.... » more
La Aguada at the 2013 Argentine Open

Team Line-up La Aguada 2014

La Aguada is the first of the major teams to have recently announced its team line-up for the polo season in 2014. In addition to the two brothers Miguel and Ignacio Novillo Astrada, Facundo Sola and... » more
Argentine Triple Crown Palermo/Buenos Aires Tortugas Open

Tortugas Open: Draw of the teams

Yesterday the draw of the Tortugas Open took place at the offices of the Asociación Argentina de Polo (AAP). League A consists of Ellerstina, Alegria and La Aguada, League B features La Dolfina, La... » more
„La Catedral del Polo“ in Palermo / Buenos Aires

Victory for La Bamba de Areco Río Uruguay Seguros

Diego Cavanagh (+7), Rodrigo Rueda, Jr. (+6), Guillermo Willington (+7) and Rodrigo Rueda (+3) of team La Bamba de Areco Río Uruguay Seguros are the winners of the Copa República Argentina 2013.... » more
Copa Republica Argentina 2013

Semi finals set

The Teams Sauveterre Lovelocks, La Natividad, La Bamba de Areco Río Uruguay Seguros and La Alegría de Lobos Centralab have qualified for the semi finals of the Copa República Argentina. The... » more
The Cathedral of Polo in Palermo / Buenos Aires

Copa República Argentina 2013

Tomorrow the Copa República Argentina – Campeonato Nacional Intercircuitos con Handicap is going to start. The tournament is been held already for the 85. time and is still the only one worldwide... » more
Argentina Polo Tour QBE Seguros La Buenos Aires

Argentina Polo Tour: First three days

Four tournaments are part of the eighth 2013 Argentina Polo Tour. This year the tournaments Palermo, La Dolfina, Centauros and Ellerstina are part of the tour. Last Wednesday the tournament at the... » more
La Catedral del Polo in Buenos Aires

The Lineups 2013

Following teams are set to take part at the upcoming Triple Crown: La Dolfina, Ellerstina, La Natividad, Alegria, La Aguada and La Aguada Las... » more

Match schedule for the Tortugas Open is set

Six teams with handicaps from +34 to +40 will fight for the first victory of the Argentine Triple Crown at the Tortugas Open from the 25th of September on. The first match will be played by team... » more