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Argentine Open 2014

La Dolfina or Ellerstina?

Last year Alegría surprisingly made it to the final of the Argentine Open, this year La Dolfina and Ellerstina will face each other once again in tomorrow’s final match.... » more
Argentine Polo Open Ellerstina Alegría

Ellerstina is the second finalist

On Tuesday, 2nd December 2014, the postponed matches of the Argentine Open were played. Ellerstina defeated Alegría in the semi-final, so now they will play against the first finalist, La Dolfina,... » more
Argentine Polo Open Alegría Chapaleufú

Alegría and Ellerstina succeed

On Sunday 23rd November, the 4th day of the 121° Argentine Polo Open took place at Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Cathedral of Polo was splendid, as every year, and there was a relaxed and... » more
Torneo Clasificación „90 Aniversario de la AAP“ 2014

Miramar and Chapaleufú qualified for Hurlingham and Palermo

In the past few weeks a total of six teams competed at the Torneo Clasificación "90 Aniversario de la AAP" in Palermo for the last two open spots at the Hurlingham and the Palermo Open. The... » more
Hurlingham Open La Dolfina Hope Funds La Aguada ICBC

La Dolfina and Ellerstina in the final

The result did not come as a surprise: At the weekend, the favourite teams La Dolfina Hope Funds and Ellerstina Piaget defeated their opponents La Aguada Las Monjitas ICBC and La Natividad Amarok... » more
Hurlingham Open 2013: Ellerstina vs. gegen La Aguada Las Monjitas

Semi-finalists are set

Yesterday, all of the eight teams each completed two matches at Hurlingham Club. Now the semi-finalists are fixed: La Dolfina, La Aguada, Ellerstina and La Natividad won both of their matches and... » more
Hurlingham Open La Dolfina Hope Funds Chapaleufu

La Dolfina stay on course for success

Winning the Tortugas Open is not enough for them: La Dolfina Hope Funds stay on course for success and win the opening match of the Hurlingham Open. On Tuesday, Adolfo Cambiaso (+10), David Stirling... » more
Polo Palermo Buenos Aires

Chapaleufú and Magual have qualified

At the Qualifying Tournament in Palermo the teams Chapaleufú and Magual were successful and secured the two available spots in the 2013 Hurlingham Open and the Argentine Open.... » more
Polo Team La Vanguardia

Start of the Qualifying Tournament for Hurlingham and Palermo

Yesterday the Qualifying Tournament “90 Aniversario de la AAP“ started at Palermo. Just before the match, POLO+10 spoke to the +7-goaler Ezequiel Martínez Ferrario of team La Vanguardia about... » more
Jockey Club Open 2013 semin-final La California vs. Casablanca

The finalists are set

The second finalist of the 2013 Jockey Club Open is fixed. After Alberto Heguy (+7), Francisco Elizalde (+7), Bautista Heguy (+8) and Eduardo Heguy (+8) of team Chapaleufú already qualified for the... » more