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Hurlingham Open 2014

La Dolfina and Ellerstina in the final

Ellerstina and La Dolfina have made it once again to the final of the 2014 Hurlingham Open and will meet on Saturday, 1st November... » more
Lucas Monteverde Alegría Polo Team

“I would never have imagined it”

Lucas Monteverde has been playing in high goal polo for more than 14 years. In 2007, after several triumphs at the Argentine Open with La Dolfina, he reached the golden 10 handicap. Now he plays with... » more
Polo player Bartolomé „Lolo“ Castagnola

Bartolomé Castagnola: Goodbye to Argentine Triple Crown

Bartolomé “Lolo” Castagnola (+9), repetitive winner of the Argentine Open and founder of the La Natividad Polo Team, has announced his retirement from the Argentine Triple Crown.... » more
official presentation of the Hurlingham Open 2014

Start of the Hurlingham Open 2014

On Saturday 18th October, the Argentine Triple Crown in 2014 with the 121st Hurlingham Open will start the second round. Eight teams with team handicaps of +28 up to +40 will participate in this... » more
Award ceremony Tortugas Open 2014

La Dolfina defends title

Yesterday the final of the 2014 Tortugas Open took place, following several delays due to heavy rain. The final seemed to be a repetition from last year’s final with La Dolfina and Ellerstina once... » more

Alegría Polo Team: New line-up

On Tuesday, 14th October, the Hurlingham Open will take off at Hurlingham Club. But one widely known polo player will not be able to participate in the second part of the Argentine Triple... » more
Adolfo Cambiaso La Dolfina Polo

The finalists of the Tortugas Open

On 24th September the long-awaited Argentine Triple Crown has started with the first match of the Tortugas Open. Yesterday the second finalist of the first part of the tournament series emerged.... » more
Official presentation of La Aguada ICBC and La Aguada Las Monjitas ICBC teams

Official presentation of the La Aguada teams

The presentation of the two teams from the Novillo Astrada family, which will be playing the Triple Crown at Palermo this year, was held at the Aguada Polo Club on Wednesday, September... » more
Argentine Triple Crown 2014

Announcement of teams and zones

As the end of the year gets closer, the first tournament of the Argentine Triple Crown, the Tortugas Open, is about to start, followed by the Hurlingham Open and the Argentine Open.... » more
Argentine Triple Crown Polo

Teams & Line-ups

The 2014 Argentine Triple Crown still seems to be a long way away, but now the Argentine Polo Association (Asociación Argentina de Polo) has announced the teams and line-ups, which will participate... » more