From July 12th to 14th the Hublot Ascona Polo Cup takes place for the fourth time in Ticino, Switzerland. Under the motto “Switzerland meets India” four teams are going to participate in the tournament, which takes place at the Polo Club Ascona and for the first time a complete polo team from India takes part. The team is lead by Vikram Rathore (0), one of the most active players and organisers of the Indian polo scene. Furthermore the sole female polo player in India, Manisha Yadav (-1) and the professional player Samir Suhag (+5) are in on it.
The matches will be held on the former airport of the community Ascona at Lago Maggiore. The tournament is meant to bring polo closer to everyone who is interested in it and is therefore open to the public. One of this year’s highlights will again be the parade with the players and their grooms on horseback through the centre of the village.
With a multitude of nationally and internationally known sponsors the Hublot Ascona Polo Cup is one of the highlights of the European polo season. Next to Hublot as the new main sponsor many others support the event as team sponsors such as Julius Bär, Styger & Partner, Bentley – Loris Kessel, Giardino Hotel Group, Andermatt Swiss Alps, Poroli Special Boats and Podium.

The teams:
Giardino / Poroli (+4)
Manisha Yadav (-1)
Vikram Rathore (0)
Samir Suhag (+5)
Andermatt Swiss Alps / Bentley Lugano (+6)
Stefan Roth (+1)
Thomas Wolfensberger (+1)
Miki Lagos (+4)
Styger & Partner / Podium Swiss (+7)
Philipp Zimmermann (0)
Dr. Piero Dillier (0)
Uwe Zimmermann (+1)
Lucas Labat (+6)
Julius Bär (+5)
Andreas Knapp Voith (0)
Luis Urbina (+3)
Alex Figueras (+2)