The first chukka you bear in mind as your first kiss. To provide beginners an opportunity to gather their first tournament experiences in a safe and friendly environment, five years ago the First Chukka Cup was brought into being. Since then the tournament, sponsored by the Maple Leaf Polo Team, opens the polo season at the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club.
Twelve players participated in the fifth edition of the tournament, more than ever before. Among the participants were former Thai Ambassador Khun Domdej Bunnag, who rides for 60 years and now has played his first chukka, race driver Khun Tanat Thanakitamnuay (Nat) as well as the Thai rock star Khun Anusorn Maneetes (Yong). The Finish lawyer for criminal law Anne Ringen was named Most Valuable Player.
To ensure a successful course of the game each team received support by a professional player. Some rules were adapted as well. For example, goals scored by players with a handicap of -2 were counted twice.