In the final of the 2013 St. James’s Place Gloucestershire Cup team El Remanso with George Hanbury (+3), Eduardo Heguy (+8), Juan Gris Zavaleta (+7) and Joaquin Pittaluga (+7) won against Guy Schwarzenbach (+2), Nicolas Roldan (+8), Ignus Du Plessis (+8) and John Paul Clarkin (+8) of team Black Bears by 10,5-7. The tournament took place at the Cirencester Park Polo Club in Gloucestershire, England.
El Remanso received a ½ goal by handicap from the +26-goal Black Bears team. The game was much dominated by the tactical play of Eduardo Heguy who had the El Remanso team extremely well organised. Black Bears never let El Remanso run away with the title though and at 6,5-5 at half time it was all very much still to play for. A few missed opportunities by John Paul Clarkin and Ignus du Plessis were disappointing for Black Bears with luck not quite going their side and the huge Gloucestershire Cup started to slip away from their grasp in fourth with two quick goals from Juan Gris Zavaleta stretching the lead to 8,5-5 at the end of the chukker. El Remanso ran out the eventual winners 10,5-7.