The Sowiniec Polo Club in Mosina near Poznan announced its schedule for the season 2013:
20th till 22nd of June 2013 Czerwona Torbeka Cup (+4) till (+8)
11th till 13th of July 2013 Patron Cup (+4) till (+8)
23rd till 31st of August 2013 Sowiniec Polo Cup (+6) till (+8)
Founded in 2008 the Sowiniec Polo Club has a range of polo facilities: 2 fullsize polofields (270 x 150 m), one polo arena (100 x 50 m), 51 polo ponies, a tracking track, a walking machine for 8 horses and a truck with enough space for 17 horses.
The most important tournament for the club is the Sowiniec Polo Cup in August.
Leszek Jurga, Manager of the Sowiniec Polo Club: „The Sowiniec Polo Club has a really strong position. We have good polo skills, great horses and the club has great facilities. In 2011 and 2012 we won the Polish Club Championships. Our polistas had already played in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, South Africa, Argentina and England. The most important thing is to have fun playing polo. And for me the most important plan is to bring as many teams as possible to Sowiniec, make new friends in the world of polo and make the Sowiniec Polo Club very well known in Europe.“


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