A unique photography book covering a year in the lives of the polo horses that live or visit Sotogrande

The book contains at least 100 beautifully crafted images following the horses from playful moments in the fields and visits from the blacksmith to the high goal games with Cambiaso and Facundo.

Camilla Sykes, an ex-financial analyst and university trained artist and photographer, has been photographing polo in Sotogrande, Argentina, Chile and England for 6 years. She comes to the sport with an artist’s perspective, keen to capture the combination of beauty and passion that is so abundant in the polo world.

A quarter of her personal profits from book sales will be donated to the worthwhile horse charity Los Caballos Luna España in Valencia who rescued 304 horses over the last two years: www.caballosluna.es

Along side her pledge to support this charity the book would make a super Christmas present for any horse lover or budding photographer. It is available in pocket size paperback, 18 euros, and coffee table hardback, 110 euros, from www.camillasykes.com

© Camilla Sykes
Website: www.camillasykes.com
Facebook: Camilla S Photos / Camilla S Polo
Instagram: camillapolo