This estate dates back to the 16th century and it is located in the heart of Mallorca, 20 minutes from Palma and 15 minutes from the airport.

This area of the island is completely flat and, therefore, perfect for the construction of a polo field. The estate has a total extension of 100.000 m2 and its main façade is Italian in style with a view to the countryside and to the Tramuntana Mountains from all angles.

The main house, which has 3.000 m2 in total, has 14 rooms, all of them equipped with living areas or terraces, as well as air conditioning and heating. There are also various large halls, a big cellar – in honour of this area of Mallorca, which was dedicated to the wine sector – bar, meeting and gaming room, etc. Next to the house there is a second house, perfect for the service, with three rooms, two bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, etc.

There are also beautiful gardens surrounding the house, together with a swimming pool, a playground and other facilities. Behind the house there are large facilities for animals, which are the ideal place to build several stables for a great number of horses. This estate has all the current licenses and permits required to build a rural hotel, enabling its immediate development. It can also be used as a housing premise, as it was in the past, when it belonged to an aristocrat family from Mallorca who lived here for several years. Regarding its services, it includes electricity, water well of approx. 50.000 l/h per year without restriction, telephone and Internet.

Size: 10 hectares
Available: now
Price: on request

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Son Xotano is located in the heart of Mallorca, 20 minutes from Palma and 15 minutes from the airport.

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