Santa María Polo Club has first-rate facilities that are already worldwide-renowned. The Los Pinos fields may be their best known fields, but the club also has three additional polo areas with their corresponding fields, and the best 5-star stables.

All of the March and April Low and Medium Tournaments will be played on the famous Los Pinos polo pitches that have well and truly achieved the reputation they have and are admired throughout the globe. These fields and their quality, draining systems and size have been praised by players like Adolfo Cambiaso and the Pieres brothers, they allow a fast and rapid-scoring game, great quality for the horses and of course, the pro’s enjoyment.

The two Rio Sotogrande fields will host the low handicap tournaments in May and April, and the tournaments that proceed the International Tournament, to be celebrated in July. These fields have a long tradition in Sotogrande and have field-side terraces and a great restaurant, the Argentinian “parrilla” (grill) La Quinta, an obliged meeting point during the matches and ideal for long summer evenings.

At Puente de Hierro you will be able to find three more fields, two for matches and an excellent practice pitch. In this area we can also find the 5-star stables of Santa María Polo Club, consisting in 39 boxes measuring 3,50 x 3,50 m with collapsible frontal gates made by the German brand Rower & Rub, as well as feeders, pastures, automatic water dispensers and wide porches that allow comfortable horse preparation. There are also wide spaces for blacksmiths.

The facilities also provide central, 2-storey building for grooms, professionals, polo managers or patrons, team rooms and tack rooms every 8 boxes.

The training area has the latest technologies in humidity conservation and maintenance, and it is the best surface for the preparation of the horses with their physical training. This whole area is also protected by video-surveillance 24 hours a day.

See the fields and stables from above here: