On 3rd June the Singapore Open started, four teams fighting for victory at Singapore Polo Club. After a total of four preliminary rounds, team TATA Communications Europe leads by four points: the foursome defeated TATA Communications Middle East by 8-6 and won against TATA Communications Oceania by 8-4,5.

Teams TATA Communications Middle East and TATA Communications Asia have each won one match a thus gained two points, TATA Communications Oceania lost both matches and comes in last. The matches at Singapore Polo Club continue until 8th June.

The Singapore Open is the last part of the “Triple Crown Series” at the Singapore Polo Club. In April the first part took place, the Diplomats’ Cup, followed by the seond part, the International ProAm, in May.

The teams:
TATA Communications Asia (+9)

Horatio Llorente (+5)
Bautista Arrasatua (+3)
Jonathan Gabler (+1)
Vinod Kumar (0)

TATA Communications Europe (+10)
David Bernal (+5)
Nicolas Pieroni / Marco Focaccia (+3)
Marc Hogberg (+3)
Ronnie Lim / Ang Ban Tong / Abigail Slater (-1)

TATA Communications Middle East (+10)
Matias Vial Perez/ Benjamin Araya (+6)
Sattar Khan (+4)
Ameer Jumabhoy(Capt.)/Asad Jumabhoy (+1)
Clifton Yeo / Ali Jumabhoy (-1)

TATA Communications Oceania (+10/9)
Andres Laplacette (+5)
Waqas Khan (+4)
Ang Roon Kai (+1)
Melissa Ko / Wee Tiong Han / Gerry Gan (0/-1)