46º International Polo Tournament, Maserati Silver Cup: Yesterday team Brunei made it to semifinals of the High Goal Maserati Silver Cup after defeating La Indiana by 8 goals to 5 in the quarterfinals of the 46º International Polo Tournament organized by Santa Maria Polo Club. With this victory, team Brunei led by patron Bahar Jefri, Hugo Lewis, Martín Valent and Pablo Mac Donough will meet Lechuza Caracas in the next stage of the tournament. In a very tough game, the 10 goaler Pablo Mac Donough made the difference and turned the match in favor of Brunei for a deserved triumph and the final ticket to the semifinals of Maserati Silver Cup. The semifinals will be held tomorrow at Los Pinos fields. Ayala Polo Team and Dos Lunas A & G Private Banking will be playing the other semifinal.

In this 46th edition of the Tournament more than 21 teams are taking part of the competition, with a large number of elite players, including four of the top 10 players in world polo ranking: Facundo Pieres, who will play with Ayala Polo Team; Juan Martín Nero (Lechuza Caracas) and Pablo MacDonough, who will stand up for Brunei and Dubai Polo Teams, and the Uruguayan David Stirling (Lechuza). Besides polo matches, attendance, that´s free during almost all the season matches, has many leisure activities available: a varied gastronomy, Shopping Village, children’s area, bars, After Polo night parties.


Photo: Brunei vs. La Indiana. Credit: Snoopy Productions / SMPC
2017-08-09 Brunei vs La Indiana