Alan Browne, Kit Books, Michael Weston and John-Paul Clarkin of team Cambridge A are the winners of the 2014 Farmlands Savile Cup in New Zealand. In the final the foursome defeated M. Duncan, A. McKelvie, R. Ainsley and G. Sherriff of team Rangitikei by 10-6 and received the coveted trophy, which was presented by Lachie Johnstone, chairman of Farmlands.

The Savile Cup is counted among the oldest sporting trophies of the island and functions as the national championship of the clubs. A total of 22 teams participated in the chukkas, which took place at the beginning of March at the Kihikihi Polo Club. The Savile Cup is the most important tournament in New Zealand and is divided into four categories: Savile Cup (+16 Goal), Wilson Cup (+6 Goal), Junior Cup (+3) and the McKenzie Salver Cup (0 Goal).