With the 24th edition of the tournament „Memorial José Ignacio Domecq“ Santa Maria Polo Club will set in the polo season 2013 on saturday, the 23rd of march. At the most famous polo location of Spain five international teams with handicaps ranging till +12 will fight for victory till the 31st of march.
The tournament „Memorial José Ignacio Domecq“ is dedicated to José Ignacio Domecq Gonzalez, an internationally known polo player from Andalusia with handicap +5 and a famous vine dresser.

The Teams:
Sapphire / Bayswater London Ging (+12)
P. Mora (+1)
T. F. Llorente h. (+5)
P. F. Llorente (+5)
L. Isola (+1)
Ayala / El Rosario (+12)
I. Zobel (+1)
S. Laborde (+5)
M. Iturraspe (+6)
A. Peñafiel (0)
Silex (+12)
R. Fagan (+1)
Y. Espinosa (+2)
M. Araya (+6)
S. Torreguitar (+3)
FCT Polo (+12)
R. Carlsson (0)
M. Gómez (+4)
I. González (+6)
J. Serra (+2)
Santa Quiteria (+11)
J. M. Entrecanales (+1)
J. Entrecanales (+2)
P. Soria (+6)
G. Entrecanales (+2)