Martin Valent, Tarik Albwardy, Sam Instone and Andres Tombar of team GB are the winners of the Royal Salute UAE Nations Cup 2014. The four won the final against team India by 8:6. Until the end it was a toss-up whether team India or GB would win – both teams took turns in leading the match. Just in the last few minutes before end, team GB accomplished a two-goal lead and secured the top place on the podium.

Team captain Tarik Albwardy took the winner trophy „Cup of Friendship“, designed by Richard Fox, in place of his successful team. Eric Benoist, Global Marketing Director for Chivas Brothers: “We are delighted to share this prestigious polo tournament with our distinguished guests and celebrate the sport of kings in Desert Palm, Dubai.”

In 2009, the UAE Nations Cup was launched by Adolfo Cambiaso with the aim to celebrate polo in Dubai and strengthen Desert Palm as a leading polo destination in the Middle East. This year, Royal Salute support the tournament for the fifth time as a sponsor and partner. A total of six teams with an international line-up from Great Britain, India, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland and Dubai competed this year.

The Royal Salute UAE Nations Cup is part of the Royal Salute World Polo Series, which includes prestigious polo tournaments around the world .