On the past weekend, the 2016 Arena Gold Cup, taking place at the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club in England, came to an end with the final matches for the Gold Cup, the Silver Cup and the Bronze Cup. In the match for the first place, Team Four Quarters Orange, including Simon Arber (+1), Richard Le Poer (+7) and Jack Richardson (+7), defeated Team 12 Chops with Charlie Wooldridge (+3), Roddy Williams (+6) and Jamie Morrison (+6) by scoring the deciding goal in the last seconds of the match and thus won the coveted Gold Cup.

In the match for third place Team Sifani, consisting of 10-goaler Chris Hyde as well as Hilali Noorden (+1) and Nico san Roman (+4), won against Team Gaucho with Faisal Al-Rifai (+3), Harold Hodges (+5) and Adolfo Casabal (+7). In the game for the Bronze Cup, Team Regal Eclipse with Raph Singh (+3), Alec Banner-Eve (+4) and Johnny Good (+8) secured victory. The threesome defeated Team Picazo Polo Stud, which showed an impressive performance in the match for the fifth place. During the whole tournament, Patrick Maleitzke (+5), Estelle Wagner (+1) and Eduardo Anca (+7) of Picazo Polo Stud, being the first German team ever to participate in the Arena Gold Cup, gave proof of their skills and thus were able to leave the arena with their heads held high despite the defeat on the final match day.

#1 Four Quarters Orange (+15)
Simon Arber (+1)
Richard Le Poer (+7)
Jack Richardson (+7)

#2 12 Chops (+15)
Charlie Wooldridge (+3)
Roddy Williams (+6)
Jamie Morrison (+6)

#3 Sifani (+15)
Hilali Noorden (+1)
Nico san Roman (+4)
Chris Hyde (+10)

#4 Gaucho (+15)
Faisal Al-Rifai (+3)
Harold Hodges (+5)
Adolfo Casabal (+7)

#5 Regal Eclipse (+15)
Raph Singh (+3)
Alec Banner-Eve (+4)
Johnny Good (+8)

#6 Picazo Polo Stud (+13)
Estelle Wagner (+1)
Patrick Maleitzke (+5)
Eduardo Anca (+7)